Recorder Classes

Recorder classes are available to give younger students the opportunity to begin to read music, play real music on the recorder, and understand basic music theory. Students will be taught proper posture, how to read and play music, and instrument care. The recorder class is a great way to introduce your child to basic music principles and basic music appreciation. Available to children age 6 and up, students will learn note recognition and rhythm. By the mid-year recital, they will be able to play several songs on a recorder. This is a great way to prepare your child for beginner band or orchestra.

The recorder classes are limited in size and divided roughly by age and ability. The recorder season is 29 weeks, and culminates in recitals for family rather than concerts. This is less threatening for younger students. Dates for recitals will be posted on our Location and Important Dates page.


Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Recorder

Instructor: Laurel Wilbanks

Beginner Recorder  12:00-12:30 (12:30-1:00 if needed): This is for students from age 6 and up who know nothing about music or instruments (or who have come up from our Joyful Noisemakers!). The class will include gentle instruction in the basics of reading music, learning notes on the recorder, and playing a variety of simple songs.  Students must practice at home to be able to master the music they’re working on in class.

Intermediate Recorder  11:30-12:00: This class builds on what was learned in Beginner Recorder, adding notes and techniques, as well as more complicated rhythms and more advanced music. 

Advanced Recorder 11:00-11:30: Again, building on what we’ve learned at the intermediate level, we attempt rounds, various harmonies and also learn to play some of our consort recorders. We have Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass consort Recorders.  Students playing at this level are true musicians.  You will be amazed at your student’s abilities.


Student requirements: A folding wire stand  and “concert dress”. We’ll be in touch in August to let you know what book and type of recorder we will use.